Cathedral Quarter

Westgate Water Tower

Westgate Water Tower

An impressive tower, built in 1911, housing a steel water tank still supplies water to the people of Lincoln today.

The 120-foot-tall building was constructed a result of a Typhoid epidemic in Lincoln that started in late 1904. 113 people died from the outbreak which was one of the city's biggest peacetime disasters. The building was completed in 1911, decorated with the fleur de lis - the symbol of Lincoln Cathedral's Patron Saint, Mary Mother of Jesus.

Inside is a huge cylindrical tank which holds 300,000 gallons of water, or 1.3 million litres, of water. It is supplied itself by piping from a reservoir 22 miles away at Elkesly, Nottinghamshire.

Lincoln Cathedral Quarter

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Usually closed to the public but open on occasional heritage days through the year.

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