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The Viking Way

The Viking Way

A 147-mile, way-marked walking route that stretches from the banks of the River Humber, through Lincoln, and ends in Rutland.

Explore outdoors once again and enjoy Lincolnshire’s scenic route along the Viking Way.

This long-distance walking route is so named as it traverses the area occupied by Norse invaders in the 9th century - naming the region Danelaw. Many remains from this period have been found in the area that the Viking Way passes through, and villages and towns today still bear its influence in their names ending with 'by', meaning village, and 'thorp', meaning hamlet.

From the River Humber banks, the route crosses the Lincolnshire Wolds - past Caistor and Horncastle - and into the Witham Valley, crossing flat fenland to Lincoln. The route follows a path into the Lincoln Cathedral grounds from the north, down Steep Hill and High Street, and out the city past South Common.

From Lincoln, the route enters North Kesteven and takes field-paths and lanes past Greetham, Exton and Rutland Water. The trail ends at Oakham where it links with the Macmillan Way and the Hereward Way.

For details and more information, download the Viking Way map or see the Long Distance Walkers Association website.

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The route is free to travel every day of the year.

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