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Cathedral Quarter
Roman Upper South Gate

Roman Upper South Gate

Inside Number 44, a shop on Steep Hill, you can see remains of the South Gate to the upper city.

The South Gate would have been a large monumental structure with at least two arches. On the left, incorporated into the back wall of the shop, are the large stone blocks which formed part of the eastern carriageway of Ermine Street. Visible at ground level just inside the door is part of the spina, the wall between the two arches.

On the right hand side of Steep Hill, opposite the shop, you will see an area of stones set into the brick building. This is part of the western carriage way of the gate.

Large stone steps were found under the incline now called Steep Hill during excavations, indicating a huge staircase that helped residents up and down the hill.

Opening Times & Prices

Opening hours of Number 44: Monday - Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sundays 11am to 4pm

Please check facebook for holiday closing and any changes to opening times.

Free entry to Number 44. They sell some nice things though...

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