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Cathedral Quarter, City of Lincoln
1217 Battle of Lincoln Trail

1217 Battle of Lincoln Trail

A self-guided trail taking you through a pivotal moment in history following the locations of the Battle of Lincoln through the city.

When the child king Henry III took the throne, some of the rebellious barons ivolved in the sealing of Magna Carta invited the French Prince Louis to conquer the countryand take power.

Lincoln Castle was one of the only remaining strongholds for the King and held out for the royalist cause under the command of a formidable lady constable, Nicola de la Hay and supported by William Marshal, Guardian of the Realm and regent to King Henry III.

This battle was of national significance. If the Royalists had lost, England would have become part of France and our King Louis VIII, instead the Plantagenet dynasty ruled for another 250 years.

The 1217 Battle of Lincoln Trail will take you to Lincoln Castle - the heart of the battle - and the surrounding area where the fighting took place. Then you will follow the retreating French army down Steep Hill to today's modern city centre where they finally made their retreat.

The trail is available for free online as an interactive smart-phone web app.

Additional Information

  • Self-guided trail
  • Free mobile web-app

1217 Battle of Lincoln

Events and Things to Do to mark 800 Years the famous battle

Lincoln Cathedral Quarter

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Opening Times & Prices

The trail is in the public realm so can be followed at any time using the mobile web-app.

Free to follow.

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What was the 1217 Battle of Lincoln?

What was the 1217 Battle of Lincoln?

20th May 1217 was a major landmark in English history – and it all centred on Lincoln. Find out what happened on that day and why it is so important.


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