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City of Lincoln, Lincoln Suburbs
Lincoln Tank Memorial

Lincoln Tank Memorial

A memorial to the Lincoln engineers that worked together to invent the tank in Lincoln in 1915.

William Foster & Co. was a Lincoln company in the early 20th century and was instrumental in the invention of the tank - a machine that is said to have cut short World War 1 and saved millions of lives.

This memorial to Foster and the others who helped him - including William Tritton - shows the shape of the early tanks and represents tha teamwork across Lincoln to bring the tank into existence. It is suitable located on the roundabout at the beginning of Tritton Road, named after the local engineer himself.

Find out more about Lincoln's role in the invention of the tank, and the shortening of World War 1, on the Birthplace of the Tank page.

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Open to the public at all times.

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Tritton Road Roundabout
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