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The Lincoln Imp
Surrounded by Myth and Legend

Discover the Lincoln Imp - one of the city's most famous symbols

The Lincoln Imp

Hidden in the upper reaches of Lincoln Cathedral you'll find a symbol of the city surrounded by myth and legend: the Lincoln Imp.

Legend has it that one day the Devil was in a frolicsome mood, and let out all his young demons to play.

After having allegedly stopping at Chesterfield, twisting the spire of St Mary and All Saints Church, a group of imps went to Lincoln and planned to wreak havoc in the city's stunning Cathedral.

Mischievous activities in Lincoln included knocking over the Dean, smashing the stained glass windows and destroying the lights. To put a stop to any further chaos, an angel appeared from the Bible left on the altar and commanded “Wicked Imp, be turned to stone!”

Some imps managed to escap, one of which is said to be found at St James' Church in Grimsby.

However, one imp remained, hurling insults and stones at the angel. The angel responded in kind, turning the imp to stone where it sat and it can still be seen there today.

Head to Lincoln Cathedral and see the petrified Lincoln Imp high up for yourself - there's a spolight to help you if you give in.

You’ll also find imps across the city too: on door knockers, in gift shops and even in the nickname of the local football team - the Red Imps.

The Lincoln Imp

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