Cathedral Quarter, Lincoln Suburbs, 3-10 miles from Lincoln, 11-20 miles from Lincoln

Spires & Steeples Arts & Heritage Trail

Spires & Steeples Arts & Heritage Trail

The Spires & Steeples Trail, starting from Lincoln's Cathedral Quarter and ending in Sleaford, brings together the rich history, heritage, and local stories of Lincolnshire.

The trail has many beautiful artworks, churches, interesting landscapes and picturesque skies. The name refers to the Spires of the churches being the landmarks to which visitors make their way and to the rural sport of Steeple chasing.

The name of the trail is also recognition of the important part they have played in the lives of Lincolnshire communities as well as how they are a reflection of the times, families and cultures that created, altered and rebuilt them.

The trail can be walked or run through the year and the annual Spires & Steeples Challenge gives the opportunity to follow the trail by foot with others to raise money for charity.

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