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Cathedral Quarter
City Wall, Castellum Aquae and Ditch

City Wall, Castellum Aquae and Ditch

A short distance along East Bight you will be able to see part of the Roman city north wall and ditch.

The bank was originally 3 metres wide with the ditch being over 4 metres wide and almost 2 metres deep.

In front of the piece of wall still standing was a Roman water tank called a castellum aquae (its base is marked out on the grass). An aqueduct would have brought water into this part of the city and it would have been stored here then piped into Lincoln. The water tank was needed to clean sewers and for the public baths – which were a social hub.

A Roman baths complex was found and excavated behind the wall on the opposite side of East Bight, over the wall that now stands.

Trails at City Wall, Castellum Aquae and Ditch

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