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Top Spots for Pokémon GO in Lincoln

Pokémon GO encourages you to get out onto the streets in search of pocket monsters to train up, and Lincoln is an ideal place to do it. Here is our guide to Lincoln’s best places to go Pokémon hunting.

We've picked some of our favourite spots for Pokémon GO trainers and even listed the Pokéstops you can stop by at. Find out more about Pokémon GO on

1. St Marks Shopping Centre

St Marks is a great place to start your hunt in Lincoln, especially on a Thursday when parking is free after 5pm. The retail park has lots of shops from international brands, and places to eat and drink too.

Pokéstops include: St Marks garden; the Heritage Railway plaque; the Magistrate’s Court (across the road). Plus, The Ritz is a Gym just a short walk up the High Street.

The University of Lincoln campus is a short walk from here (get some distance in to hatch those eggs!), and has some more Pokéstops and a Gym.

2. University of Lincoln

University campuses across the world have become great Pokémon GO hangouts, and Lincoln’s is no exception. The campus is pretty with plenty of places to perch as you catch your monsters.

Pokéstops on campus include: Lincoln Canoe Club; the Minerva Building; the Enterprise Building; the MHT Building; Great Central Library; the old signal box (by the level crossing). The Brayford information board on campus is in fact a Gym too.

Make your way around the Brayford Pool for more Pokéstops on the other side.

3. Brayford Waterfront

This marina is England’s oldest inland harbour and has quickly become a popular area for Pokémon trainers too. Alongside plenty of Pokéstops, there are places to eat and drink and lots of benches and seating areas.

Pokéstops include: the old viewing platform; Sea Cadets; the information board on Brayford Wharf East; the information board on Brayford Wharf North; the city map totem by the bridge; the ‘maps for sale’ box; the water clock; the Horse and Groom pub.

Head across Lincoln High Street to Temple Gardens for another beautiful Pokéstop location.

4. Temple Gardens

This green space is shared by The Collection archaeology museum and The Usher Gallery, displaying fine and modern art through the year. A great place to catch Pokémon, then, and an opportunity to explore some outdoor installations.

Pokéstops include: The Collection; The Usher Gallery; the Moving Man statue; the Mother & Child statue; the Temple Gardens sign.

The Strait isn’t far from the gardens and is a prime Pokémon GO location.

5. Steep Hill and The Strait

The welcome arch to The Strait, and on to Lincoln’s historic Cathedral Quarter, is in itself a Pokéstop. Add to this the vintage and antique shops, tea rooms, and fine dining restaurants, and it’s a prime location for trainers.

Pokéstops include: The Strait arch; The Rest at St Michael’s; Chad Varah House; Norman House; the Lawrence of Arabia plaque on Steep Hill.

At the top of Steep Hill You’ll find two huge landmarks for Pokémon trainers.

6. Lincoln Castle

Many battles have been fought over the years at Lincoln Castle, and now you can battle with Pokémon too. Around the perimeter of the walls and inside the grounds themselves (free to enter during the day) you’ll find ‘stops. Plus you can also explore one thousand years of history – including an original copy of Magna Carta - when visiting.

Pokéstops include: the Castle east gates; the Castle cannons; the Crown Court; the carved tree stump; the Bath House; the Heritage Skills Centre; the Castle’s west gates. Outside the walls on Westgate you’ll find a Gym at the water tower.

Head across Castle Hill for more Pokémon GO action.

7. Lincoln Cathedral

This iconic cathedral can be seen for miles around so it’s no surprise it is full of ‘stops and a Gym for trainers. Though one stop is at the top of the bell tower (!) there’s no need to climb the stairs to access it. And there are plenty others around the grounds of the cathedral too.

Pokéstops include: Great Tom (the bell); a gargoyle on Minster Yard; a sculpture on the East Transept; the East Face of the Cathedral; the Tennyson statue; Priorygate arch. Lincoln Cathedral itself is in fact a Gym with great pedigree.

North of here are more Pokémon GO opportunities.

8. Bailgate

From Castle Hill north you’ll find unique shops, independent restaurants, and thousands of years of history – perfect for a day out Pokémon hunting. The UK’s oldest arch still in use by traffic - the 3rd century Newport Arch - is in this area and is even a Pokéstop!

Pokéstops include: the Roman Well; Newport Arch; Bailgate Methodist Church; County Assembly Rooms; the White Hart Hotel clock.

Don’t miss more Pokéstops across the city – especially including the High Street, Lincoln Arboretum, and Hartsholme Country Park – and a Gym on High Bridge where you can stop for afternoon tea whilst battling.

Have you got any favourite Pokéstops or Gyms? Where have you caught rare or powerful Pokémon in the city? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or Twitter.

Join in with other Lincoln Pokémon trainers by tweeting #PokemonGOLincoln or joining the Pokemon GO Facebook Group for Lincoln.


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