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Lincoln Castle

The UK’s Most Popular Castle is Lincoln

Votes from across the UK have installed Lincoln Castle as the country's most famous castle on the Holiday Lettings website.

Holiday Lettings, from TripAdvisor, ran the poll in May and June 2017 with a list of 12 of the best castles to visit across the UK, from the highlands of Scotland to the lush green lowlands of Shropshire.

With 43% of the vote, Lincoln Castle came out on top setting it apart as the best castle to visit in the country, voted by holiday makers themselves.

Lincoln Castle was built by William the Conqueror in 1068 as he fortified his new kingdom after invasion two years previous. Nearly 1,000 years later you can visit the historic site and walk the circumferance of the site on its Medieval Wall Walk - including stunning views over the city and the Observatory tower to climb.

The castle has been a seat for justice when not used for military defence, and today you can explore the Victorian and Georgian prisons built in the castle grounds alongside the Crown Court still used today.

Unique to Lincoln Castle is the David P J Ross Magna Carta Vault - a subterranean bault which houses an original copy of Magna Carta (1215) and an original copy of the Charter of the Forest (1217), both owned by nearby Lincoln Cathedral. The vault will also help you to learn about the documents’ significance and their links to Lincoln.

It is fitting that this title has been given to the castle in 2017 as it marks the 800th anniversary of both the Battle of Lincoln, which took place in and around the castle, and the sealing of the Charter of the Forest, on display in the vault.

See the full vote details on the Holiday Lettings website.

Lincoln Cathedral Quarter

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