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Steep Hill in Lincoln is England’s Fourth Steepest Street

The famous cobbled hill that runs through Lincoln has been named the fourth steepest in the country by the Ordnance Survey at 16.12°.

Built by the Romans, originally with steps, Steep Hill connects the historic Cathedral Quarter with the more modern city centre of Lincoln. Those brave enough to walk up the hill are rewarded by independent boutique stores, tea rooms, historic pubs, and spectacular views over the city and countryside.

At the top of Steep Hill you will find the stunning Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln Castle - both which offer more panoramic views across Lincoln and Lincolnshire from their vantage point atop the hill.

Steep Hill officially has an average incline of 16.12°, the fourth steepest in England.

Steep Hill in Lincoln is England’s Fourth Steepest Street

A spokesman for the Ordnance Survey said: “The calculation first involved defining the steepest section of the road, then cutting it into 5m chunks, then applying more software to interpret the maximum and average slope data from the grid for each 5m piece of road.

“Then the results have been put back together to give the average slope across the length of each road.”

The Top Five Steepest Streets in England

1. Vale Street, Bristol: 21.81°

2. Old Wyche Road, Worcestershire: 17.54°

3. Blake Street, Sheffield: 16.6°

4. Steep Hill, Lincoln: 16.12°

5. Gold Hill, Dorset: 16.09°

Lincoln Cathedral Quarter

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