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Delicious Local Produce at Lincoln Farmers’ Markets

We spoke to Susan Smith from Oslinc to discover the benefits of Lincoln Farmers' Market for everyone involved - for producer and customer.

Before the era of the supermarket, the local market was the lifeline of the cities and towns; giving the population fresh, locally sourced produce all year round. Sadly this necessity has faded with modern life, however the benefits of the traditional market still remain.

Do you really know where your food has come from? What process it has undergone to get to the finished stage? Who has handled it and why?

These questions can all be answered at a farmers’ market. You can meet face-to-face the experts who have hand reared, grown, baked, cooked, salted, and produced your food.

We interviewed Susan Smith of Oslinc - and coordinator of the Lincoln Farmers’ Markets - to get to grips with the ins and outs of these intimate markets.  

Susan, Russel and Brian have had Oslinc in their family for generations and are regular stall holders at the markets. Susan herself is a farmer and Lincolnshire producer, and has been involved in the markets since they began in 1999.

"The Lincoln markets enable farmers and local producers to sell their goods directly to consumer promoting dialogue and understanding between producer and consumer" Susan said.

As well as meeting current Trading Standards and Environmental Health requirements, "stalls must be staffed by the farmer/producer or a knowledgeable representative who is directly involved in the growing and producing of the goods on sale."

Supporting your local farmers market not only gives you the benefit of organic hand-grown produce, but it also supports the local economy: "buying locally sourced food creates employment in rural areas of the county as well as reducing food miles."

This means the supply chain is shorter, and the distance from field to market is shorter, cutting the costs, and therefore cutting the price. So with the farmers’ markets you can enjoy organic fresh produce without the price tag.

"Lincolnshire produces some of the best food in the country, so all our producers must come from Lincolnshire or within a 30 mile radius of the market."

So come along and give your weekly shop that extra bit of flavour and sparkle with the Lincoln Farmers’ Markets. The organic, locally sourced produce is sure to add a taste boost to any meal, and at great value prices what is there not to love?

Find out when the next market is to be held on the Lincoln Street Markets webpage.

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