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Image of Lincoln Cathedral

Brayford Waterfront: Old and New

The Brayford Waterfront has been central to Lincoln's history but as it has changed, some things have stayed constant.

The first known settlements in Lincoln are believed to be around the Brayford Pool, dating back to the first century.  In fact, it is the pool that gave Lincoln its original name; 'lin' meaning pool and 'don' meaning at the foot of the hill.  Since then the area has become a vital port, a hub of industry, the site of major train engine sheds and now both an area of leisure and the site of the University of Lincoln.

The painting above and in the gallery below, by Carmichael, dates to 1858 (thanks to Matthew Ward on Twitter for bringing it to our attention).  We've matched the painting to a photo taken today and both the changes and similarities can be seen.  The pool is no longer busy with boats, thought there is a marina, and there has been significant development around the waterside.  However, Lincoln Cathedral continues to majestically look over the pool, which is still inhabited by mute swans!

Though the area has developed over the past 150 years, it is amazing to think that visitors to Lincoln today can still enjoy the same skyline over the pool and feed the same swans that have made the Brayford Waterfront their home!

Find out more about the Brayford Waterfront, Lincoln Cathedral and Lincoln's famous swans throughout our website and visit the area for yourself!

Lincoln's Brayford Waterfront

Relax, eat, and enjoy yourself on the marina


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